Meet Your Hosts

Michael Jaco

As a former Navy SEAL and CIA contractor, Michael Jaco has developed a mindset and physical prowess to help him and his fellow SEALS survive conflicts in Panama to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has employed his powers of perception and awareness in the most elite special forces units to become a master of intuition. As the founder of Unleashing Intuition, he has developed a world-wide training program that can be learned and applied by anyone.

Moe Bedard

Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks in an alcoholic family took Moe Bedard down the path of the dark night of the soul to a life of drugs, despair, and crime. His misdirected anger and trauma had wreaked havoc on his soul but he would grow to learn how to transform his energy into a more positive path. Today, this transmutation has created the life he always wanted to live. Moe is a happily married father, black belt, entrepreneur and expert in modern Gnosticism.

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