#3 - The Science of Hypnosis - Dr. John McGrail

Licensed Hypnotherapist & Spiritual Teacher

Dr. John McGrail is a licensed hypnotherapist, spiritual teacher, and life coach

Dr. John McGrail has an international reputation as one of the best; a professional and compassionate certified hypnotherapist (clinical hypnotist) and personal empowerment expert/life coach based in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area. Dr. McGrail practices hypnotherapy; using hypnosis as a therapeutic tool.

He is also a certified practitioner in NLP, Timeline Therapy, Therapeutic Imagery, and EFT; all safe, natural, painless, and powerful therapeutic modalities that both complement and even amplify the effectiveness of therapeutic hypnosis and any program of hypnotherapy. He has also developed a new model of therapy called Quantum Synthesis Therapy, or Synthesis, (see below) which achieves results in up to half the time required using hypnosis alone.

The human mind is incredibly powerful. Hypnosis allows you to access and harness that power to Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Conquer Stress & Anxiety, Erase Fears & Phobias, overcome Negative Habits and Emotions, Build Self Esteem, Enhance Your Performance at work, school and play, and much, much more. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve a balance between your mind, body and spirit, and live a happier, more satisfying, and peaceful life.

Hypnosis can help you literally create a better you!

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